The Mayflower: A Year Later

Sept 25, 2023
A year ago today, I was in S Korea. I had been staying with the Mayflower family that had been left behind:  Jonathan, Joyce, Samuel, and newborn, Dorcas. As the Mayflower were preparing to escape to Thailand, this family applied for their newborn baby’s passport and it was denied by China. This meant she had no citizenship and they could not leave the country. It was frightening for them.  We were not willing to leave the family alone as it was dangerous, so I stayed with them through the month.

I experienced an isolation as I did not speak Chinese nor Korean. My phone Internet did not always work and there were few instances that I had someone to speak English with. It was also frightening in that we had to move around because of the danger of the Chinese finding this family and deporting  them to back to China.  My level of fear was nothing compared to theirs. They felt hopeless and were fearful and cried. Because they had a regular routine of reading the Bible every night, and I had joined them often, we continue that practice. They would read in Chinese and I would read in English. Then we would sing a song and we shared words of encouragement using Google translate. It was a very sweet time for us.

Here are two short video clips I made there.
* A sweet one – their 2-year boy, Samuel, repeating the Lord’s prayer in English; and, a challenging one


*A call for fervent prayer


Thank you so much for your faithfulness in supporting us and praying for this persecuted family. Another great adventure, for FSI’s is to help 100 Afghans escape and resettle.  Please continue your support to FSI for us to be able to make a difference in their lives as with Jonathan’s.

Deana and the FSI Staff


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