November Updates



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Starfish Current Projects:  8 Starfish Resettlements and 1 Escape




Starfish: Iraqi – Phase 5 on FSI’s Resettlement Graphic

The four of them have traveled to their new homeland and are in their 1st year of resettlement. The boys, ages 10 and 14, are enjoying their new friendships and happy to finally go to school. (Because their father was a Christian they were never allowed to go to school in their homeland. Their father home schooled them as he could even during the five years they escaped and were in hiding.)  Pray for the boys to catch up.

Starfish: Iraqi has found work and we are rejoicing.  If you would like to write to them as one who has been praying for their safety and rejoicing over their safe resettlement, email us and we will provide you their address.


Starfish: Pak-Man –  Phase 3 on FSI’s Resettlement Graphic

Starfish: Pak-Man.  Pak-Man is still separated from his wife and three children.  We need strong prayer for them to be granted their Resettlement Interview.  With the pandemic, many delays are occurring within all resettlement programs.


Starfish: TB –   Phase 3 on FSI’s Resettlement Graphic

Starfish: TB.  Last fall we facilitated four separate escapes to reunite this family of seven.  They have been separated for seven years and have enjoyed this reunion time immensely.  We have submitted their paperwork in a Resettlement program and are awaiting their Interview with that country to finalize their approval.  We must secure the balance of $33,000 to complete their financial commitments in that program.  Pray for the funding and the Interview to come quickly.


Starfish: King David – Phase 1 on FSI’s Resettlement Graphic

Starfish: King David and family of six.   King David has prepared material about persecution that we plan to email out before the end of the year.  We trust it will equip you in understanding the life of those persecuted in Christ and how we can support them.  You will see part of their story on our website, bottom of the first page:  It is a story like so many of the other persecuted families we serve.  This family is still in need of a Champion for their case and less than $22,000 in funding is needed to submit their paperwork in their Resettlement Program.



Starfish: Spanish Student –   Phase 1 on FSI’s Resettlement Graphic

There are four new Starfish and Spanish Student escaped from a communist country where she and her mother had been targeted, forced to listen to propaganda materials and her father had been imprisoned.  Her commitment to Christ has made her a mark for persecution and we are working quickly to resettle her to safety.  We have a Champion and a Sponsoring Resettlement Team for her; however, we still need an Approved Resettlement Organization (a SAH) and funding.  Pray for these needs to be covered.


Starfish: Bluenan –   Phase 1 on FSI’s Resettlement Graphic

Also, one of our newest resettlement efforts, this family of five were from a communist country.   The father had been kidnapped and imprisoned multiple times because of his Christian faith, putting his life in jeopardy.   The family is in hiding and we are working to resettle them to safety.  They need an Approved Resettlement Organization (a SAH) in the country they are trying to resettle to.  Please pray for them too.


Starfish: June –   Phase 1 on FSI’s Resettlement Graphic

Starfish: June was hunted and imprisoned in a mental institute for a year.  She is in hiding as we work on securing her an Approved Resettlement Organization (a SAH) so as to resettle her.  Pray for us as we coordinate her request with a SAH and raise the funding she needs to be submitted into that program.


Starfish: Famous –   Phase 1 on FSI’s Resettlement Graphic

Starfish: Famous is still in hiding after escaping from a 17 year imprisonment for attempting to seek freedom for those in his country.  He was labeled a spy and tortured.  Pray for his health and our efforts to secure an Approved Resettlement Organization (a SAH) for his case so as to provide him a means to resettle in safety.





Starfish: Z –  Escape Phase

Early this month we lost contact with Starfish: Z – two sisters and four young children.  We are grateful that a separate underground church group discovered them and kept them safe.  We are now working to move them to a nearby country where we will begin their resettlement paperwork efforts and eventually resettle them to a country where they will be free and safe.  The widow in this group served faithfully with her husband in ministry in their homeland where they were persecuted.  Her sister came to Christ through the couples’ ministry and after his death the two sisters and four children escaped.  Pray for the funding and means for them to be moved to safety so that we can begin with their resettlement paperwork.  About $10,000 is required to move all six of them, to reoutfit them, and, to provide temporary housing and supplies for them to live until they are resettled.

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