No Child Left Behind

No Child Left Behind!

Last week at this time, we were praying for God to provide a way for the one Mayflower Chinese Church family that was left behind in Korea to join the rest of their asylum seeking brethren in Thailand. The situation seemed impossible. Why? Because the PRC government would not provide a passport for the family’s infant daughter. The PRC government’s response was in retaliation for the bad press they received when the asylum seekers went public with their stories and their plight. The one family left behind became not only the thorn in the side of the PRC government, they became the rallying cry for highlighting the legitimacy and urgency of the asylum seeker’s claims. Governmental and PRC Embassy officials called the family multiple times with a myriad of threats. And then the miraculous happened. The baby’s passport arrived in the mail.



There is much more behind the scenes to the story. It may never be made public, but the miracle remains the same. Yesterday, the Mayflower church sojourning in Thailand, all 62 of them (minus the family awaiting the birth of their twins) worshipped together. I have never, I repeat never, heard Chinese Christians sing like that. The memory is engraved in my ears and seared into my heart. This was my prayer in taking up leading this mission- the most daunting challenge in 30 years of Chinese missions… No Family Left Behind. No Child Left Behind.

Please continue to pray. The PRC has pressured the Thai government to create a task force dedicated to finding the Mayflower Christians and any other foreigners who have overstayed their visas in Thailand. The PRC secret police are hell-bound to find the group. Last week on one day I dealt with (and ran off!) eleven Chinese operatives. Pray for our safety. Pray also that the Mayflower can sail to freedom in the US. Pray for their daily bread. Click on the link below if you would like to help! Thanks and Blessings!

Tim and Evie Conkling

Missionaries with Asia Mission Partners and China Ministries International

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