February Starfish Update

Starfish Current Projects:  8 Starfish Resettlements and 1 Escape

(Thank you for praying for each of these.)



Starfish: Iraqi – Phase 5 on FSI’s Resettlement Graphic (Champions – Canadian couple)

Our first completed Canadian resettlement family have finished their first six months in Canada.  The boys are catching up on many lost years of schooling (since their father was a Christian the Iraqi government would not give the children a birth certificate, citizenship, nor schooling).  Mom is adjusting and learning more English.  Dad has found carpentry work (his craft of many years) and is looking for a used truck to get to those work locations. Canada is still not moving around much with Covid and the family continues to stay connected to online services with a Tyler, Texas church that supported their journey.  Thanks, Rose Heights. Please continue to pray for them through this first year of many, many adjustments.  Feb 20th Prayer need:  the older son, 14, injured his shoulder and will need surgery in the next few weeks.

Starfish: Pak-Man –  Phase 3 on FSI’s Resettlement Graphic  (Champions – Mike and Kathy)

Starfish: Pak-Man.  Pak-Man has still not been able to unite with his wife and three children.  As we seek the Lord’s favor to bring their Resettlement Interview soon, pray for them in their separation and their children’s schooling needs (they are not able to go to public schools where they are hiding out).  Pray also for Mrs. Pak-Man as she runs a tiny household in a foreign land and separated from her husband.

Starfish: TB –   Phase 3 on FSI’s Resettlement Graphic (Champions – Peter and Jane)

Starfish: TB.  The family has now shared a year together after being separated for 7 years.  They continue to struggle where they are hiding out and we ask for you to faithfully intercede for them.  They have raised ½ of the resettlement funds required.  FSI is working with their Champions (Peter and Jane) to walk with them through this waiting period. Please pray for some recent changes to their living situations.

Starfish: King David –Phase 1 on FSI’s Resettlement Graphic (In need of a Champion)

Starfish: King David, his wife and four children recently moved to another home due to several attempted robberies to their home and neighbors.  Though they are safer than in their persecuting communist homeland, they are still in hiding until we can complete their Resettlement process.  We need a Champion for this family and ask you to pray for us in this matter.

Starfish: Spanish Student –   Phase 1 on FSI’s Resettlement Graphic (Has a Champion)

We recently heard that Starfish Spanish Student is in ill health.  We called to check on her and had to leave a message.  Please earnestly pray for her ability to get medical help and recover.  As a refugee, she has few options and little support to get the medical attention she needs, especially with pandemic issues.  Her difficulty in escaping from a Communist country has weakened her and we need her paperwork for Resettlement to move quickly.

Starfish: Bluenan –   Phase 1 on FSI’s Resettlement Graphic (Have a Champion)

This father and mother with three young boys have met with many challenges as believers in a communist country.  When the Lord moved them to escape, another persecuted church organization stepped in to help them out.  We are working with their Champion and that organization to move them through to resettlement and ask that you pray for them.  This process can be lengthy and we are seeking the Lord’s provision to keep them safe while they wait.

Starfish: June –   Phase 1 on FSI’s Resettlement Graphic (Has a Champion)

Starfish: June continues to recover from persecution she suffered in a Communist country.  Now alone and a refugee, we are working quickly to satisfy the paperwork and financial needs in her resettlement case.  Please pray for her to be strengthened and encouraged during this waiting period.

Starfish: Famous –   Phase 1 on FSI’s Resettlement Graphic (Has a Champion)

Starfish: Famous suffered torture while imprisoned for 17 years.  As a result, he is in very poor health.  Though he escaped and is a refugee in a neighboring country, we are asking the Lord to help us complete his paperwork quickly and keep him healthy through the Resettlement Process.



Starfish: Z –  Escape Phase (In need of a Champion)

After her husband was beheaded, Starfish Z, her four children and her sister left their city and went into hiding.  They have been protected by an underground church in the Middle East and in late February will fly out to a neighboring country.  Since flights leave only once a month from her location, pray that there are no delays and they remain safely in hiding until that time.  Once they are out, a church will provide initial housing for them and they will register as refugees.  FSI will work with them through a Resettlement Program to move them to freedom and safety.

Feb 20th Prayer need:  Starfish Z and family had to travel to another town earlier than expected for COVID testing with additional expenses involved.  Pray for them to remain safe as they wait to fly out to freedom late next week. 

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