An Urgent Call to Pray for Afghanistan

We are receiving urgent breaking news from mission partners around the world that believers in Afghanistan are in imminent danger and need a miracle from God to get through this difficult time. Please join our Freedom Seekers prayer family in lifting up our Afghan brother and sisters facing persecution and extreme danger.

It is very hard to know precisely how many Christians are in Afghanistan, but many believe that number to be approximately 18,000 meeting secretly in homes.

These current events in Kabul and throughout the nation of Afghanistan are shining a light on the harsh reality that millions face around the world each day. Religious persecution is a daily reality for so many Christians, and we have more cases on file than we have the ability to provide support for. While it is not possible to rescue and resettle all of these families, we believe that we are called to do our part to rescue as many as possible. We invite you to join in these efforts by praying for persecuted believers around the world. If you can, consider making a gift to rescue and resettle one of our Christian families who are not fully sponsored yet.


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