2022 – Year in Review

What a Year it has Been!

Despite so many challenges, we have seen God move in the lives of those we serve this past year. A record number of cases were brought to Freedom Seekers International in 2022. Thank you for partnering with us to help rescue, resettle, and sustain believers who were persecuted for their faith in Jesus Christ. Because of you, so many families are waking up this Christmas without fear of practicing their Christian faith publicly.

Updates from the Field:

The Mayflower

This year brought drastic changes for The Mayflower.  Since they could no longer remain in Korea, multiple teams moved them undercover to Thailand.  Though they have since received their UNHCR initial status and await their final interviews, they remain in hiding.  We continue to work with the State Dept alongside of these UNHCR processes and anticipate their approval to resettle to Tyler this Spring/Summer.


This year we have worked with nearly 70 Afghans.  Of those we have helped, 17 have already been approved to resettle in Canada.  Four of those are already in Canada and 2 have jobs; 13 are soon to fly to Canada.  We still need contacts in Canada to help them adjust so continue praying for that.  We continue to encourage them in their efforts for their own resettlement processes.  Continue praying for them.

Simon Sharing

Simon continues to serve FSI as a street evangelist where they are residing and this year a dozen have come to Christ through his efforts. Pray for these to grow in Christ.

King David/Simon

Simon’s family has received word that their Religious Worker visa to the US has been received.  Pray for that process to continue smoothly so he, Selam and the two younger children can get come to the US quickly.

Starfish Z

Starfish, her sister and four children continue to hide out in Iraq.  We are struggling to find a country to resettle them and they weary of waiting.  We have wanted to help their children with online schooling while they wait; however, funds are needed for a computer and internet services to be secured before we can begin.  Please continue praying and supporting them.

TB’s Family

TB wrote us and said they are only waiting for the Canadian government to process their final steps and hope to be in Canada this Spring.  New medical restrictions in the past four months have delayed their departure for Canada.  We still plan to help with their flights so thank you for continuing to provide for those needs.


Patrick’s wife and three children are still hiding in Thailand.  He is still in another country hiding out. We learned this month that the three children no longer go out to school because of the threat of being picked up and jailed.  This year their resettlement process to Canada was stopped and we have since secured an impressive Christian immigration attorney in Thailand to help.  We need you to pray and continue supporting their efforts to be reapproved.


Feben is the eldest daughter of King David/Simon.  She is in the process of applying for a work visa to the US as an engineer.  Her undergraduate engineering degree has set her up for this great opportunity.  Continue praying for that process to go smoothly.


We are excited about the year ahead! If you would like more information on volunteering with a team that travels overseas to provide direct assistance to one of our cases, or you would like to help us sponsor one of these families, please reach out to Deana at dbrown@seekfreedom.org. We would love to hear from you!



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