Ukraine Refugees in Tyler, Texas

In February, Russia launched an invasion of Ukraine that has to date displaced over 10 million refugees. Many non Russian Orthodox congregations in the east are facing extreme persecution, and prominent pastors and their families who speak out against the Kremlin are on “hit” lists all over the Donbas region of Ukraine. A partner agency and church that FSI has a relationship with recently contacted us about assisting with about a dozen individuals seeking to resettle in Tyler Texas. All of these individuals are from Mariupol and have fled. Their homes, churches, schools, and community have been destroyed. They were residing in shelters across Poland, Germany, and elsewhere before seeking a humanitarian parole visa in the US. At the moment, FSI plans to help support them with financial resources, advocacy work, and case work to help them access healthcare, education, and work permits. Please join us in meeting these needs, and reach out if you would like to learn more or meet them at one of the upcoming welcome receptions planned in Tyler.