Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. – Jeremiah 29:12

Freedom Seekers believes in the power of prayer! Our heart is to partner with the Body of Christ to cover each one of the persecuted believers that we work with. To adopt one of the families below in prayer, please email we will send you more information about that particular family.

The Mayflower Church

The “Mayflower Church” is a title given to a Chinese Church made up of 16 families that made the difficult decision to flee persecution from China. Facing increasing pressure from the authorities of their church & Christian school, these members felt they had no option but to uproot their lives and seek safety and freedom overseas. Their English names are given with each picture below. Learn more about this church HERE.

Pastor Pan & Zipporah

Children: Paul & Ruth

Luke & Petrel

Children: Tyler & Ethan

Micah & Lois

Children: Joseph, Hannah, Anna & Andy


Peter & Lisa

Children: Emily & Nissim

Mike & Linda

Children: Beth & Jonathan


Children: Andrew & Rebecca

Caleb & Esther

Children: Enoch & Daniel

Johannes & Jenny

Children: Ellen, Goshen & Canaan

Aquila & Priscilla

Child: Leah

Jonathan & Joyce

Child: Samuel

Jesse & Jessica

Children: David, Joy & Jonathan

Bradford & Mila

Children: Mark & Joshua


Child: Esther


Jordan & Phoebe

Children: John & Peter

Titus & Lou

Children: Eva, Edmund & Lucy

King David Case

This year a “Champion” has stepped up to help King David and his family resettle to the United States. An immigration lawyer is working with us and we anticipate within the next six months this family will arrive in Florida to begin a new life. For eight years we have worked to help them through several imprisonments, through five escape efforts and to safely reunite. Though in a semi-safe country while waiting to resettle to freedom and safety, King David has served as a missionary for FSI. Many have come to Christ through his evangelistic methods and discipleship.

TB Case

For many years this family was separated because of imprisonment and persecution. FSI was able to reunite the seven and then a precious boy named Noah, was born. Their paperwork with Canada was completed in the summer of 2020; however, the pandemic delays with all the UN cases has delayed them. TB’s family are now waiting for successful interviews and then they journey to begin new lives in Canada. The family has experienced a serious health issue with their 4 year old little girl and we are praying she is able to get to Canada quickly for the medical support she needs. We know they would appreciate your faithful intercession!

Sister Z Case

A Syrian widow, her four children and her sister were rescued early this year and are now hiding in a neighboring country. We have a family helping to support them where they are; but, recent events may make this neighboring country unsafe for these Christian sisters and the children. We are working to provide another option for them and working to get them into a resettlement program.

Pak-Man Case

This sweet family of five are still separated. She and the three children in one East Asian country and he in another. Their paperwork was accepted into Canada’s resettlement program fall of 2019 and then the Pandemic delayed tens of thousands of cases worldwide. They are in their final stage waiting for their Interviews before being accepted and flying to their new homeland, Canada. We are waiting for UN doors to open wide, for their interviews to come, and the long wait to be over.