Help us resettle the Mayflower church.

The “Mayflower Church” is a title given to a Chinese congregation of over 60 individuals that made the difficult decision to flee China due to extreme persecution. Facing increasing pressure from the authorities on their church and Christian school, as well as the rapidly escalating crackdown on churches across their country, these members felt they had no option but to uproot their lives and seek safety and freedom overseas.

Due to political pressure from China to return these citizens for “re-education camps,” the Island of S. Korea where they had been for over a year would no longer shelter this congregation. Multiple nonprofit organizations are working together to step in and resettle The Mayflower Church, made up of over 60 believers, to the US. Freedom Seekers is taking the lead role in establishing a new life for them in Tyler, Texas. They arrived at their new home Easter Weekend of 2023. This is going to be an ambitious and costly project, but one that we believe will literally save lives, and give these families the chance to practice their Christian faith without the fear of persecution. We are beyond appreciative of your giving.

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100% of your monthly gift of $38/mo will go towards housing, food, healthcare, transportation, and education for these families as they resettle here in the US.