2023 – Year in Review

What a Year it has Been!

God has opened doors in 2023 that we never thought possible. Thank you for partnering with us to help rescue, resettle, and sustain believers who were persecuted for their faith in Jesus Christ. Because of you, so many families are waking up on Sunday mornings without fear of practicing their Christian faith publicly.

Updates from the Field:

The Mayflower

The Mayflower – April 7, 2023 a first time in the US event occurred when The Mayflower flew into the US.  A whole church was resettled and have had a great 8 months of learning to drive, getting jobs, learning English, sharing their story in many churches and now two families are pregnant with the first Mayflower babies in Texas coming early in 2024.  As they leave Tyler this month and head to Midland, Texas where they have been given 300 acres of land and five buildings to begin a Chinese ministry, we celebrate what an awesome work of the Lord to use all of us to rescue them.



136+ Afghans – We have been helping dozens of Afghan families to escape and remain hidden this year.  A staff member recently returned from that part of the world and we have new strategies for 2024 to help resettle them and keep them safe.  Strong funding and sponsors will be needed.

King David/Simon

King David – We have helped King David and his family through multiple imprisonments and now in a semi-safe environment where he shares the Gospel daily.  Dozens of people have come to faith in Christ through his ministry while they wait to be resettled.  Hoping that is to the US in 2024.

Starfish Z

Starfish Z – These two women and four children have been hiding in Iraq for several years.  With international issues they now are in more danger and face daily challenges.  Pray for a pathway to Canada or to the US in 2024.


Patrick – This Pakistani family of five has spent years waiting in Thailand to be resettled.  While waiting the three children have learned two languages and passed their GED tests.  While we wait to resettle them, they have asked to attend college in Thailand and we have secured visas.  Once funding is raised, we will enroll them.


We are excited about the year ahead! If you would like more information on volunteering with a team that travels overseas to provide direct assistance to one of our cases, or you would like to help us sponsor and resettle one of these families, please reach out to Deana at dbrown@seekfreedom.org. We would love to hear from you!



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